A Remarkable Beginning



"I taught myself to speak," the piglet protested.
"It had nothing to
do with them."

He was lying a bit. Just a tiny bit, he assured himself.
I know how
to speak, they are just teaching me new words.

"I want you to teach me how to skate," he added.

"On what? You broke my skateboard," the boy replied.

Suddenly the boy realized: he'd had a piece of luck. He could be the owner of a talking piglet! I cannot possibly leave it here, he told himself. There are foxes in the park. It needs protection. It's probably one of a kind. And I don't think it wants to go back to the scientific place.

Europe, in a big city: A very thin piglet, a talking one too, fled from his laboratory room. Immigrant boy Momo, a thoughtful twelve year old, tries to hide him from the scientists.

But the piglet is not an orphan. He is missed by the sensitive Professor Head and his assistents Smart and Cynic. In fact the piglet called Talkative - who doesn't like to talk at all - is a precious child to the laboratory he fled from. A well bred child in a piglets body dreaming of becoming a boy as soon as possible...

This book is about what it takes to be free, and what it means to belong somewhere.