Talkative Piglet is a bold dreamer. He is the only one in my mind whose dreams come true. Why did he get the privilege?

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Good Lord, when will my parents leave for Madagascar?

summertime Kopie

Summer came – I was 10 years old -, and the days were determined by the plans of the adults. Breakfast together, going to the sea side together. “Go! Swimm!”, “Come out now! You have been in the water long enough!” Lunch together.

Then: Everybody takes a nap! Time to read!

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Wild Things

I love Clay Carmicheal‘s much acclaimed book “Wild Things“.

I am sure this book makes its readers happy. It takes everybody out of their rooms into a wild world next door where they can meet great characters. At first I saw a copy of it in a German bookstore. The German version was called “Zoe”. There are secrets and mysteries to the decisions of book publishers I will never understand. Why wasn’t it still “Wild Things” in German? I almost missed it – but then I didn’t.

Do you also have the feeling that bookcovers and film posters sometimes do call you?

I read “Wild Things”.

It reminded me of the importance of being wild. This is not the Disney kind of “wild”. It is the “wild” of that wonderful French author whose books I read again and again in my childhood: René Guillot.

copy and paste: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/René_Guillot

He taught me that being free means never domesticating the wild ones. I believe this is why I am struggling to become a good writer. A good writer is a wild thing. I wonder if Clay Carmichael read René Guillot’s books.

How Fortunate Dreams and Talkative Piglet Were Born

It was on a rainy September day in 2009 when we first thought “Fortunate Dreams” should be the name to characterize our stories. Talkative Piglet wasn’t born yet, and we didn’t know then he would be a fortunate dreamer seeing his boldest dream come true. We didn’t even know we were on our way to this stubborn but blessed dreamer who would teach us to be optimistic.

Indeed, that is what characters born to live in your mind do with you.

talkative piglet

They become your teacher. They won’t do as you like. They won’t do as your publishers say. Sometimes they even won’t do as your audience wants. They make you lonely.

Then, they take you where you may find new friends.

Like Goethe, who wrote:

“They won’t hear these songs I sing, those whom I sang my primal songs.”

Goethe is a secret friend of mine. Not that you hear a lot of Goethe in the streets of Berlin.

Talkative Piglet is a very independent little guy for whom the world is a place to grow. He won’t care if anybody is watching.

But then, I do care. I hope my dreams are fortunate and make their ways to those who will enjoy them.


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